Kinkajou Care
Our baby kinkajous are available for adoption at 8 weeks of age. At this point they will still be fed a formula mixture every 8 hours. The formula for the feeding consists of 1 part Esbilac, 1 part Rice Cereal, 2 parts warm water, and one part pureed bananas (Gerber banana baby food is fine also). The babies feed off a saucer, and we usually make enough to last a couple days. You may begin introducing various soft fruits and monkey biscuits into their diet to focus on weaning from the formula and more consumption of solid foods. This should continue until the baby kinkajous have accepted the solid foods, at which point the new owner can decide when to finish the weaning process and transition solely to solid foods. On the Kinkajou Diet page is a listing of food kinkajous can consume.

Kinkajous at this age should be able to go to the bathroom on their own. They will need to be bathed once a week. Kinkajous come from the rainforest so they are used to warm temperatures. Be sure to maintain a temperature of at least 70 degrees in areas where the kinkajou will be. You will be given a stuffed animal that has provided company and security for your baby kinkajou. Place this in the baby kinkajouís enclosure with him/her. A water bottle should be added to the enclosure to encourage proper hydration. A Comf-E-Cube should also be added to the cage along with more complicated toys and various perching/climbing apparatus to offer a more enriching environment.